A collective denounces a “major loophole” in Law 96

A collective denounces a “major loophole” in Law 96

In a video published today, the Partners for a French Quebec (PQF) castigate the Legault government for an acquired rights clause included in Bill 96. This clause allows anyone who has corresponded in English with a public body before the 13 May 2021 to continue to correspond in English. A “major loophole” of law 96, denounces the collective.

Although they recognize the legitimacy of certain exemptions in Law 96, Article 22.2. of the said law represents, according to them, a “fatal error” which “directly compromises” the status of the French language.

Behind the good intentions, the CAQ has planned a major loophole that risks maintaining the anglicization of the government. […] The CAQ is preparing to discreetly maintain massive anglicization for decades to come.

Line Lamarre, President of the Union of Professionals of the Government of Quebec (SPGQ)

An “error” of the CAQ

Article 22.2 indeed provides for a grandfather clause. He announces that “the body of the Administration which, before May 13, 2021, corresponded only in English with a particular natural person in relation to a file concerning him, for a reason other than the state of health emergency declared under the section 118 of the Public Health Act (chapter S-2.2), may continue to correspond and otherwise communicate in writing with her in that language only“.

For Maxime Laporte, president of the Mouvement Québec français, this “escape” clause of Bill 96 represents an “error that is all the more serious” as it will be found in the Charter of the French language.

The president of the Union of Public and Parapublic Service of Quebec (SFPQ), Christian Daigle, offers options to the government. In particular, he suggests the establishment of interpretation services or an exemption for seniors.

“Minister Jolin-Barrette’s obstinacy in maintaining this loophole in the law is worrying. Does he really want to provide public services in French in Quebec or does he rather want to pretend to act?” he said.

Bill 96 was adopted on May 24 by the National Assembly of Quebec. Very controversial, it also aroused many fears among non-French-speaking groups and certain defenders of rights and freedoms. The imposition of French on Aboriginal communities and the obligation to learn the language in less than six months are particularly the subject of harsh criticism.

Contacted by Subwaythe Department of Justice had yet to respond at the time of this writing.

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