A fourth heat wave expected for the coming week

A fourth heat wave expected for the coming week

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Forecasters were hoping for a redoux. But the drop in temperatures observed on Saturday, August 6, would only be short-lived. A new heat wave is thus expected, gradually, throughout France, starting this Sunday, August 7th. This is the fourth since the beginning of the summer.

The south of France will, as in previous times, be mainly affected. Under the Independent, the recorded temperatures have already exceeded 25 degrees in the southern part of the country. The Gard and Vaucluse are still on heatwave alert. And this is not expected to work out in the next few days. Météo France expects temperatures to exceed 40 degrees locally.

The heat wave will rise towards the north of France. The Oise department should be affected from Wednesday, August 10, with temperatures of 30-31 degrees in the afternoon. Temperatures that should remain on Thursday the 11th before starting to rise again and Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th. Météo France forecasts up to 34 degrees for this last day. Also according to Météo France, this fourth heat wave should last until August 15th.

– Infographic: Weather France


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