A French senator expresses his opposition to GNL Québec

A French senator expresses his opposition to GNL Québec

A senator representing the French residing abroad and member of the France-Quebec friendship group in the Senate, Yan Chantrel, strongly opposed the presentation of the LNG Quebec project in France.

The Symbio company, promoter of the LNG Quebec project, recently presented its natural gas liquefaction plant project to the French Senate. The industrial project aims to export, to Europe in particular, Alberta gas extracted by hydraulic fracturing.

To do this, GNL Québec wants to build a 782 km gas pipeline between Ontario and the Saguenay. The gas would be transported to an LNG terminal used to liquefy the gas before shipping it on board LNG tankers leaving the Saguenay River and the St. Lawrence River.

Following numerous questions about the environmental impact of the project and its financial viability, GNL Québec was in turn rejected by the governments of Québec and Canada. Symbio notably suffered an unfavorable report from the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE).

The war in Ukraine, however, revived interest in the project. Several European countries are trying to get rid of their dependence on Russian gas, used as leverage by Russia.

“At a time when we are already experiencing the consequences of global warming, the friendship groups of our parliaments must in no way be the antechambers of the lobbies which are destroying our planet. Faced with climate change, we must be united and united, beyond borders, against these projects that are harmful to our ecosystems and our planet,” said Senator Yan Chantrel in a press release.

Access to this energy is made difficult there by the war in Ukraine. Russia remains today the main gas exporter to the Old Continent.

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