A majority of Slovaks would support a Russian military victory over Ukraine

A majority of Slovaks would support a Russian military victory over Ukraine

More than half of Slovaks would welcome a Russian military victory l’Ukraine, according to a new poll released on Wednesday (14 September).

L’representative survey «How are you, Slovakia?» was conducted by the agencies MNFORCE and Seesame as well l’Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Respondents were asked for answers l’Survey with a scale of 10 Points, where 1 means a clear victory for Russia and 10 for l’Ukraine.

About a fifth of those surveyed would like a clear victory for Russia, and more than half tend towards a Russian victory.

On the other hand, only a third said they were in favour l’Ukraine while 18 % n’no preference expressed.

At party level, the divisions are clearly perceptible. For example, l’overwhelming majority of voters of the social democratic party SMER from l’Ex-Prime Minister Robert Fico are on the Russian side.

M Fico has been a vocal opponent of anti-Russian sanctions and has even celebrated l’Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising l’Russian ambassador. SMER is still a member of the Party of European Socialists (PES).

In terms of geographic differences, only the population of the capital, Bratislava, shows a majority of people wishing to win l’Ukraine.

Slovakia has been for a long time l’one of the most pro-Russian countries in l’EU, next to Bulgaria.

A poll conducted along the way l’Summer 2021 showed that 55 % of Slovaks had a positive opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among the countries d’Only Bulgarians had a better opinion of Central and Eastern Europe M poutine (75 %).

In February 2022, before that l’Invasion, 44 % attributed to respondents l’NATO and the US deny responsibility for tensions on Ukraine’s borders 33 % only for Russia.

As for that l’membership l’NATO alone 45 % favored it in the 2021 poll. Shortly after l’Invasion, support has increased but has recently started to decline again.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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