A man kidnapped, kidnapped and then abandoned in the forest of Chantilly

A man kidnapped, kidnapped and then abandoned in the forest of Chantilly

By Fabrice Alves-Teixeira

The man was discovered wandering on the edge of departmental 924, near this large roundabout, in the heart of the Chantilly forest – Credit: Google Maps

Friday 1er July, around 6:30 a.m. A man in distress stops a vehicle in the heart of the Chantilly forest. Without a vehicle, wandering on foot on the secondary road 924, he reached the level of the round table roundabout in Mongrésin, a hamlet of Orry-la-Ville, when he found help. Following the first quick explanations from the man in distress, the motorist who stopped calls 17.

Kidnapped in Rouen

The gendarmes of the Chantilly brigade then go into the forest. They join the man in question. He explains to them… that he was kidnapped in Rouen (Normandy), more than 120 km away. He also says he was kidnapped before being released in the forest.

According to the Chantilly gendarmerie company, confirming information from the Picard mail, the abduction would have occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday. The victim was released the same night.

Weakened, having received blows, the victim was however in “healthy” according to a source close to the investigation. The gendarmes of Chantilly took the first elements into evidence before transmitting the case to the competent Rouen SRPJ because of the place of commission of the facts. The Rouen public prosecutor’s office took up the case. We do not yet know why the man was kidnapped, sequestered and then abandoned in the middle of the forest.


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