A new poll reveals the “apathy” of some Slovaks towards the war in Ukraine

A new poll reveals the “apathy” of some Slovaks towards the war in Ukraine

According to a new poll by Globsec, nearly half of Slovaks want Ukraine to win the war against Russia, and nearly a quarter of respondents say they don’t care.

Support for Ukraine has reached 47% of respondents in a new poll. Around 19% of respondents say they want Russia to win, 24% say they don’t care and 10% say they don’t know. Analysts point out that this apathy may just be a cover masking support for Russia.

This is in contrast to the previous poll, which showed that more than half of Slovaks supported the Russians defeating the Ukrainians. According to analyst Daniel Kerekeš, several factors can explain this difference.

A key factor is time. The first poll was conducted in July, when Russia was still making headway on the battlefield and things were looking more in Russia’s favour. The sociologist Martin Slosiarik also considers time to be the decisive factor.

«I think that in July few believed that Ukrainians could achieve such success. The current situation on the battlefield may change people’s preferences‘ he explained.

The second difference is the methodology used. The first survey used a ten-point scale ranging from a clear bias towards Ukraine to a clear bias towards Russia. The new survey uses six options, including “I do not care” and “I do not know».

The third difference concerns the type of sampling. While only an online questionnaire with a quota sample was used in the first survey, the new survey was carried out by personal telephone calls.

Or, “An online questionnaire provides the respondent with a greater sense of anonymity, which can lead people to be more honest in their answers when it comes to unpopular or immoral responses, as in this case, berating the “aggressor”.», explained M. Kerekeš.

He concludes that the optionI do not caremay not really mean the apathy of part of the population, but a strategy to avoid the real answer.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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