A tax cut at the heart of the Liberal election platform

A tax cut at the heart of the Liberal election platform

If he is chosen by Quebecers on October 3 to form the next provincial government, the QLP promises to cut the tax rate by 1.5 percentage points for taxpayers whose income bracket falls below $46,295, and between $46,295 and $92,580.

This tax reduction would allow the persons concerned to save approximately $1,000 per year, which would cost the State approximately $2 billion per year.

In return, Ms. Anglade’s party plans to create a new tax bracket for people who earn $300,000 or more annually. This new tax bracket will be assigned a tax rate of 27.75%.

the QLP believes that the current problems related to the increase in the cost of living will be long-lasting, which justifies tax adjustments. According to the Liberals, one-time assistance such as that offered by the Coalition avenir Québec, which has promised a check for $500 to all Quebecers, is insufficient to enable taxpayers to adjust to inflation.

The question of the cost of living is on everyone’s lips. In my riding and in all the regions I visited, it comes back systematically, noted Dominique Anglade. The proposals we have made so far are structural, over the long term, to help Quebecers year after year. The proposal that is on the table to reduce taxes for the middle class is a long-term proposal.

We recognize that the current crisis is a crisis that will last, she added. People struggling to make ends meet, paying for groceries, it’s not gonna go away after six months, after a yearadded the Liberal leader.

Together we will want to bring Quebecers together. Together, we will want to lower taxes for the middle class, which needs it. Together, we will want to build an economy of 21e century that understands that the fight against climate change is the challenge of the 21e century. And obviously, we’re going to want to take care of our world. »

A quote from Dominique Anglade, leader of the PLQ

To address labor shortages, the QLP would give a holiday from contributions to the pension plan to people aged 62 and over and double the tax exemption for those who have reached 65 years of age.

In terms of immigration, the Liberals aim to welcome 70,000 newcomers each year, by favoring permanent, not temporary, immigration, as well as by promoting settlement in the regions.

A teacher wearing a veil gives explanations to a student.

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In addition, an Anglade government would modify Law 21 on the secularism of the State and the prohibition of religious symbols, to exclude teachers. It would waive the derogation clause it contains, opening the door to legal challenges.

Other key measures

Among the key measures of its platform, which is divided into six chapters and around a hundred pages, the QLP provides for investments of $100 billion to reshape Quebec’s economy in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

To do this, it is counting in particular on the development of the green hydrogen sector, which would be provided by a new state corporation, Hydrogène Québec. Eventually, the QLP wants to nationalize the distribution of hydrogen and position Quebec as a major supplier on a global scale.

The Liberals also want to modernize Quebec’s infrastructure (office buildings, houses, industrial and institutional buildings, etc.) in order to reduce energy waste by two thirds over the next 10 years. They also plan to increase water charges by up to six times.

In terms of transportation, the QLP would abandon any new motorway project in the metropolitan area. In addition, free public transport is promised for people aged 65 and over and students.

In terms of health, the Liberals promise a family doctor for every Quebecer. In addition to renaming “Access Health Teams,” all types of GMFthe QLP wants to add at least one specialized nurse practitioner (SNP) to medical clinics and review the ratio of doctors to caregivers.

In addition, the party wants to invest $6 billion in health network infrastructure and add 4,000 beds. A public psychotherapy program to ensure universal access would be established.

Measurements for white and blonde heads

Among other social measures, the QLP promises the establishment of a “Seniors Allowance” of $2,000 annually to support people over 70 who wish to stay at home.

As for seniors’ homes, dear to the CAQ government, the Liberals would abandon this formula and would not build new ones. Same observation for 4-year-old kindergartens, where this model would no longer be preferred, except in disadvantaged areas.

Several support measures are planned for families. In addition to the middle-class tax cut, the QLP promises, among other things, to freeze the electricity rate, eliminate the QST on basic necessities, eliminate property transfer taxes for the purchase of the first property and improve the access to the property regime (RAP).

If it is brought to power on October 3, the next PLQ promises to maintain the price of daycare centers at $8.70 per day and to index the price.

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In child care centers, and Anglade government would undertake to maintain the daily rate at $8.70, which would be indexed annually, and to extend parental leave by six months when it seems impossible to find a place. It also wants to complete the network by transforming non-subsidized places into subsidized places.

In culture, a Liberal government would set up a new fund dedicated to culture and the media, which will support Quebec’s creation. This fund will be financed by the imposition of a temporary tax of 3% on the turnover of digital giants whose global turnover exceeds $1 billion. says the party platform.

embody confidence

In front of his troops, Dominique Anglade did not hesitate to throw a few spades at the government, stating in particular that François Legault, does not represent the future of Quebec.

We believe that Quebecers deserve better than the CAQ and François Legault (…) In the upcoming campaign, we will embody trust, as opposed to mistrust. »

A quote from Dominique Anglade, leader of the PLQ

Officially invested as a candidate in the riding of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne on Friday evening in front of a hundred activists, Dominique Anglade says she is confident in view of the fall ballot.

Even if half of the elected members of her party have chosen not to run in the next elections and to leave politics, the Liberal leader believes that her party will be able to win several seats in the National Assembly and obtain the vote of new voters.

During her end-of-session report on Friday afternoon, Ms. Anglade said she was aiming at least 63 seats in the next provincial legislature, which would provide the QLP a majority in Parliament.

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