A thousand PMR taxis for the 2024 Olympics: a gamble far from won

A thousand PMR taxis for the 2024 Olympics: a gamble far from won

When the press speaks of a delay in organizing the Olympic Games in France, they should point to the obstacles standing in the way of the Grand Paris Express train and the budget overruns. But behind these colossal problems lie other, more modest but with largely underestimated consequences. Such as the reception of people with reduced mobility.

Not counting tourists and visitors, 60,000 residents of the Ile-de-France use wheelchairs every day. These people of all ages welcome the government’s stated goal of reaching the number of A thousand Parisian taxis equipped with wheelchair ramps. “Ah! Given the many pitfalls, I doubt this goal can be reached in time for the 2024 Olympics,” fears Yann Ricordel, deputy CEO of Taxis G7. The man isn’t there to teach. He just knows a lot about Taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

A taxi with a large trunk and a driver who takes care of people with reduced mobility makes all the difference

From 2004, drivers affiliated with radio station G7 Taxi Services (the leading taxi company in France) were encouraged to purchase a ‘wheelchair accessible vehicle’. Hide behind this name two types of layouts : “Today, the G7 Access fleet consists of more than 2,000 taxis with trunks large enough to accommodate a folded wheelchair (mostly station wagon bodies),” explains Yann Ricordel. They are assisted by “200 taxis equipped with a retractable ramp that allows customers to drive installed in their wheelchair.”

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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