A YouTuber builds a PS5 less than two cm wide

A YouTuber builds a PS5 less than two cm wide

To do this, he disassembled a PS5 digital edition and replaced some parts in order to free it from its most bulky elements. In total, the console, which has a custom-made copper casing, measures less than two centimeters in width.

DIY Perks was inspired by the slim versions of Sony’s consoles, called skinnywhich the Japanese company usually releases a few years after its standard consoles.

Considering the PS5 only released in 2020 and is still in high demand due to supply issues, it’s a safe bet those hoping to get their hands on a slimmed down version of the console will have to be patient.

Challenges of size… and temperature

the youtuber DIY Perks didn’t want to wait, but admits to having faced a number of challenges while modifying his PS5.

While DIY Perks’ console is less than two centimeters wide, its cooling system and power supply are relatively bulky.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

While its console case is remarkably small, its water-cooling system and power supply are relatively bulky. However, it is possible to hide these parts out of sight.

DIY Perks also overheated the motherboard of his first PS5 to the point of breaking it due to an airflow error.

Once put to the test, the youtubeur’s modified PS5 offers lower internal temperatures than those of the original console.

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