Advertisement: This secret telecom project tracks you without cookies

Advertisement: This secret telecom project tracks you without cookies

“We do not communicate on the subject.” Asked by challenges, the phone operator Bouygues Telecom is stuck. Not a word about TrustPid, this advertising identification project linked to the SIM card developed by the British company Vodafone, with which Bouygues Telecom is linked as part of considerations for deployment in Europe. On the side of the competitor Orange, we hardly get any more detailed. “Orange is linked to the working group, confirms Tom Wright, press attaché at Orange, “but there is nothing concrete to announce today, particularly on France.” According to the specialized website Shaped, SFR would also participate in the project. The Altice Group company refused to answer our questions.

If the issue of data protection is explosive for French operators, Vodafone would like to present its project as the opposite of Big Brother. Indeed, TrustPid would be a tool that does not spy on users but gives them power, according to the British operator. “TrustPid makes much of today’s digital marketing possible without the need for third-party cookies that facilitate excessive user profiling,” said Vodafone spokesman Simon Poulter.

Programmed death of third-party cookies


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