AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald is suspended

AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald is suspended,w_635,h_357/v1/ici-info/16×9/roseanne-archibald-cheffe-assemblee-premieres-nations.jpg” />

According to the press release, the decision of the suspension was motivated by his public statement issued on June 16, 2022, which violated his obligations to the AFN – contrary to his oath of office, the organization’s code of conduct and the AFN whistleblower policy.

The signatories of the press release specify that Ms. Archibald has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation.

This is the first time that a national chief has been suspended by the executive committee.

The investigation in question relates to four complaints against her. She will be suspended until the Executive Committee reviews the investigation report and makes a final decision on her status.we read in the press release.

The national chief has been ordered not to publicly discuss the ongoing investigation and is barred from attending the annual general meeting and chiefs assembly in early July. »

A quote from Excerpt from press release

Regional Chief Paul Prosper and Spokesperson for theAPN indicated that Ms Archibald has committed serious breaches of its obligations towards theAPN by unfounded public attacks on the integrity of our organization and our employees that will only serve to undermine the good work we do.

The head of theAPN reacted in the evening to his suspension, by means of a press release.

As expected, actions were taken to prevent the national head of theAPNRoseAnne Archibald, to speak her truth about the current mismanagement of theAPN.

She specifies that at 7:30 p.m., she no longer had access to her emails without being informed beforehand.

Ms. Archibald is requesting the official text of the motion for her suspension in order to assess the next steps to be taken.

She pointed out that the Regional Chiefs have the authority to suspend her from the Board of Directors, but that they had neither the authority to [la] suspend as head ofAPN nor to determine whether [elle] may or may not attend the General Meeting to be held next month in Vancouver.

RoseAnne Archibald maintains her position

Earlier in the day, the head of theAPN had posted a statement on her Twitter account in which she announced that she was not going back down in her attempt to shed light on what she believes to be corruption and collusion within the NPC, despite anonymous and false media attacks on her person, ethics and leadership.

I am among those who believe there is a pattern at the AFN of launching bogus investigations and leaking confidential information, particularly within senior management..

On Thursday, CBC reported that the head of theAPN was under pressure to step down as she faces an external investigation into allegations of bullying and harassment by four members of her staff.

The information was confirmed by a press release from theAPN indicating that the complaints warranted an investigation.

Mrs Archibald reacted afterwards: she declared that she was delighted with the opening of an investigation and had asked for an independent investigation into the last eight years of operation of theAPN.″>Source

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