After an orca, a beluga whale in poor health lost in the Seine

After an orca, a beluga whale in poor health lost in the Seine

– Photo: Sea Shepherd.

This is the second time in the space of a few months. Since Tuesday, August 2, the authorities have been monitoring a beluga lost in the Seine. While the habitat of this type of cetacean is rather in… The Arctic Ocean. He was spotted by the firefighters in the department of Eure and he is being followed by drones. He took refuge on Friday, August 5 in a lock, 70 kilometers from the capital. The work has been closed to traffic according to France Info.

The Sea Shepherd association has tried to feed the little white whale with fish. But she lost interest in it. What worries both activists and specialists: the animal is far from healthy. The people on the spot report “of an advanced thinnesse”, and of a leaky character. But there seems to be no question – for now – of removing the beluga from the water to treat it.


A very rare excursion

According to the authorities, it is very rare for belugas to venture beyond the cold waters of the Articque and surrounding Quebec. The only good news is that they can survive – temporarily – in river waters.

This beluga lost in the Seine immediately reminds me of Sedna, an orca who was in the same situation between May and July. The cetacean seemed confused and in poor condition. He had finally been found starving to death. The autopsy then revealed that a bullet was lodged in his head.


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