After the hiccups, the Health Data Hub restarts in the hospitals

After the hiccups, the Health Data Hub restarts in the hospitals

At the beginning of the year, the militant collective InterHop celebrates. The association that had sued the State Council against the Health Data Hub (HDB)., reveals on social networks that the platform’s authorization has been withdrawn from the CNIL and the project has been “stopped” “certainly until the elections”. The HDH is a centralized platform that is being sought Exchange of health data to promote research. Today, its director Stéphanie Combes denies: “There has never been a rejection. What is certain is that at the beginning of the project we hoped that all the texts would be published this year, but today it is not the case.”

The missing texts are those that would have allowed the enlargement of the historical database of health insurance by compiling documents related to user reimbursements with a catalog of about forty other different sources, which would have allowed a comprehensive national database.

A new tender for projects started

After this pause, the Health Data Hub, created in 2019 after the Villani report on artificial intelligence, intends to resume the charge, perhaps in a more discreet way. At the end of August, it published a call for projects in favor of healthcare institutions, accompanied by a budget of 50 million euros. The idea is to get hospitals to create their own repository of quality data that can be reused by other researchers and could partially trace back to the Health Data Hub.

At the moment, about ten hospitals are already approved by the CNIL, including that of the University Hospital of Caen, “the Norman health data warehouse (EDSaN)”, which will respond to the call for projects in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Amiens , Lille and Caen. “Most importantly, this warehouse allows us to carry out the semantic analysis of 21 million documents from our university hospital, in particular all reports from doctors and surgeons,” explains Professor Stéfan Darmoni, Head of the Department of IT and Data Processing Medical Information at the University Hospital of Rouen. “For example, by forming a cloud of words around the term ‘Covid long’, we noticed that one of the terms was ‘stomach ache’, which is not at all a symptom traditionally recognized by the scientific community for long Covid.


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