Aïd-El-Kébir: market, slaughter, sanctions… The prefecture of Oise recalls its rules

Aïd-El-Kébir: market, slaughter, sanctions… The prefecture of Oise recalls its rules

The Oise prefecture recalled the rules to be followed as Eid-El-Kébir approaches – Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

The Eid-El-Kébir festival is scheduled from Saturday July 9 to Wednesday July 13 by the Muslim religious authorities. This celebration of the sacrifice asked of Abraham to prove his faith results in the slaughter of 100,000 sheep each year throughout France. The prefecture of Oise clarified this Tuesday, July 5 the rules to be respected in terms of health and public safety.

It is forbidden to carry out the killing of the sheep by one’s own means. It is imperative to go through an approved slaughterhouse. The company Les Bergeries d’Aumont has obtained the authorizations and will set up a specific installation in Creil, at 510 rue de Galilée. The slaughterhouse must operate for two days. It comes with a raw market.

The risk: 15,000 euros fine and six months in prison

The prefecture of Oise warns in a statement that “agents of the departmental directorate for the protection of populations will be permanently present on the site to carry out the control of live sheep“. The goal: to ensure the sanitary inspection of carcasses and viscera on the slaughter line. “This veterinary inspection aims to guarantee the safety of the consumer“, ensure the services of the State.

In the event of non-compliance with the slaughter rules, offenders are liable to a fine of 15,000 euros and six months’ imprisonment. “Checks to verify the absence of clandestine slaughter will be carried out“, continues the prefecture. “The detention of sheep in irregular conditions or their transport in private cars are also likely to be fined, in particular for animal abuse.“. Or a fine of 750 euros.

Finally, breeders tempted to circumvent the rules can also be sanctioned. They can lose between 20% and 100% of their European aid linked to the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

For more information on the rules to be observed during Aïd-El-Kébir, the Ministry of Agriculture has set up a site. Click here to access.

To contact the Bergeries d’Aumont: 06 50 72 77 46.


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