Aiways: the Chinese outsider wants to become a big electric car

Aiways: the Chinese outsider wants to become a big electric car

Although one of the first Chinese manufacturers to arrive in Europe, Aiways landed with some caution. Only one model is offered in the catalog, the U5 electric SUV. For its distribution, the brand uses an importer, Car East France, and not a subsidiary. Also, Aiways does not seek to invade the market with overabundant communication and points of sale in the four corners of France. Online sales are preferred, and the sales teams welcome this relative discretion. Like most manufacturers in this period of shortage, Aiways is struggling to produce enough. The first task is to deliver the cars ordered by customers, as the factory located in the Shanghai region suffered a closure during the severe confinement that affected the area.

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However, this discretion will soon take a back seat. Aiways is certainly a start-up, which does not have the firepower of MG, which is part of Saic, a real industrial giant. But the ambitions are real and the brand intends to seize its chance while there is time. “We are fortunate to be among the very first Chinese brands established in Europe. No Chinese brand is present in as many countries as Aiways”, recalls Pierre-Adrien Ducarre, Director of Development for Aiways for Europe. “This is an opportunity that must be seized, because it is a decisive advantage in terms of notoriety. So far, Aiways has been a good student who has done its homework, with the construction of a factory and then the design a car and deliveries. It’s time to let it be known!”. A way of recalling that certain brands such as Byton or Faraday Future have made a lot of noise with the presentation of their models and the announcement of the recruitment of superstar executives from the automotive industry, without there being any assurance today that cars will one day be made. Their financial situation is shaky.


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