Alain Aspect, French Nobel Prize winner for the second quantum revolution

Alain Aspect, French Nobel Prize winner for the second quantum revolution

Cocorico for a great noble vintage. Not only was French physicist Alain Aspect just awarded, but Sapiens as a whole – a reflection of its ancient cousin Neanderthal – was honored with the medal presented to Swedish geneticist Svante Pääbo. To every Gascon lord, all honor. For forty years lovers of quantum physics have been waiting to see the Nobel Prize awarded to the man behind “Alain Aspects Experiment”, conducted in the early 1980s and now explained in all good textbooks.

The followers of challenges etc Science and future research had also been able to hear him during the 6th Innovation Forum 2021, a physicist who was already famous all over the world not only because of his mustache well before this month October 2022. He lauded the merits that brought him his great reward, namely the creation of entangled photons and the benefits that can be derived from them, the feasibility of which he demonstrated. Put simply, these photons form a whole, so that as far apart as they are, if we know the state of one, we can indicate the state of the other. If you are wondering what the purpose of this “second quantum revolution”, as the academic calls it, you will find numerous examples of current developments. As proof, he has co-founded or backed quantum startups like Pasqal or Quandela. If the first revolution, born with geniuses like Planck, Einstein, Bohr, led to the inventions of the laser, the transistor, the integrated circuit at the basis of computers and long-distance communication, the second impulse of all new technologies. Quantum cryptography for communication, based on the principles of these entangled photons: when you touch the message, it is instantly recognized. Or even the quantum computer, albeit still very elusive. In the meantime, an ad hoc ecosystem of software, languages, algorithms is evolving… Indeed, thanks to the pioneering experience of the French physicist and the co-Obelized John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, a new universe of engineering has opened up.


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