Albania comes under fire to combat energy crisis

Albania comes under fire to combat energy crisis

Finance Minister Delina Ibrahimaj announced on Tuesday (6 September) measures worth 50 million euros to deal with the energy crisis and rising prices. Critics rave and accuse the government of letting the debt run its course.

Speaking to members of the Albanian parliament’s economic committee, where the 2022 budget was being debated, Ms Ibrahimaj said the new measures would continue the first package of measures, which was initially set to last no more than three months.

« It is a longer-term support targeting the most needy categories ‘ said the minister.

With Tirana expecting growth of around 3.2% in 2022, the finance minister is preparing tempers for a slowdown from early 2023.” mainly influenced by a general decline in consumption » by households and businesses facing a significant price increase.

Crisis management that has been widely criticized by opposition MPs, but also within the government itself, such as MP Erion Brace.

« The government should make every effort to reduce the energy consumption of public services and administrations. All of Europe is committed to these issues, except for us, who continue to use electricity no matter how ‘ he started.

And to add: those who want their electricity from luxury have to pay more than a pensioner who suffers from not being able to make ends meet »

Criticism also came from the Democratic Party, which accused the ruling Socialist Party of mismanagement of public funds. They point in particular to a €4 million garden project being built on the site of the Prime Minister’s official residence, the “Garden of Eden”.

« The national debt is over 100%. Suggestions by the opposition parties to deal with the crisis are being ignored. How can you bear to invest 4 million euros in such a project today ? Deputy Valentina Leskaj asked the minister.

Who was careful not to answer.

[Article édité par Théo Bourgery-Gonse]


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