Albania set to reopen old natural gas fields

Albania set to reopen old natural gas fields

The Delvina Gas Company asked the Albanian authorities for the right to complete the exploration operations of the natural gas field around the city of Delvinë with the aim of continuing the gasification of the country.

An agreement to explore the area was first signed in 2007, but the companies in charge of the project have changed several times over the years. The deposit, discovered in 1987, has several wells with a production capacity of between 8,000 and 10,000 standard cubic meters (Nm³) per day.

“The company plans to use the existing wells which are owned by Albpetrol and which have been taken over by the Delvina Gas Company and we currently have no plans to build a new site”reads the document filed with the Albanian authorities.

This means that the company will only expand existing infrastructure while investing in upgraded and additional equipment for natural gas extraction.

The Delvinë area covers an area of ​​234 square kilometers and remains relatively unexplored to this day. According to their website, the company’s goal is to “drill more wells to increase the amount of gas produced”despite what she claims in a document filed with the authorities.

Delvina Gas Company was established in 2016 in the British Virgin Islands and has a registered branch in Albania. It took over the exploitation rights of Delvinë from the oil company Albpetrol in 2016. In February 2022, Kastriot Bejtaj, who was previously director of Albpetrol, was appointed head of Delvina Gas.

Recently, the Albanian government announced its intention to “gasify” the country by selecting gas projects.

Last week, the state-owned company Albgaz signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bulgarian company Overgas and the American company Linden Energy. Overgas could thus receive natural gas from the Vlorë gas terminal, which is not yet operational.

The Vlorë Power Plant sits on one of the region’s most unspoiled beaches. Since its construction and completion in 2005, it has not produced a single watt of electricity and has had problems with its cooling system.

In February 2022, the American-Italian consortium Excelerate Energy – Renco announced that he would lead the plant. Renco is involved in consulting, engineering and construction in the energy sector, whileExcelerate Energy has several floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals.

Several of these floating terminals will be fitted out to work with the existing power plant as part of a project that stakeholders say will enable Albania to become a key player in the gas sector in the region.

The CEO ofexcelSteve Kobos, said he hoped to use these major new projects to develop in other countries.

At the moment, Albania does not produce natural gas nor does it use it, but with all these projects in the pipeline, that could soon change.


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