Alfa Romeo’s future lies in sports sedans

Alfa Romeo’s future lies in sports sedans

Alfa Romeo is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic brands of the Stellantis group. Its rich history of models with inimitable mechanical charm has earned it a large following of enthusiasts. However, the Milanese brand is now only the shadow of its historic rival BMW. Due to a range that has been shrinking since the 1980s, everything has to be rebuilt. The years of governance under the aegis of Sergio Marchionne, where aborted projects were legion, did not help. In 2021, sales were at their lowest: Alfa Romeo only sold 25,964 cars worldwide… Compared to 83,438 in 2018 and 35,718 in 2020. At the same time, Lancia managed to convince 43,862 customers with a single model, the Ypsilon, only sold in Italy!

However, the ambitions for Alfa Romeo are great. Carlos Tavares has decided to make this Italian brand the group’s only premium label, sold worldwide. At the head of the manufacturer, it is Jean-Philippe Imparato, formerly director of Peugeot, who is in charge of leading this complex project. The ambitions are great: it is a question of making Alfa Romeo a top-of-the-range brand with international influence. In short, the equivalent of Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, champions of profitability to which Stellantis has for the moment no rival to bring.

Make Alfa Romeo a rival of BMW. Again

Faced with the plethora of ranges of German brands, Alfa Romeo currently only has a limited supply of Giulia and Stelvio. Models unanimously acclaimed by critics but whose sales are down compared to their direct rivals. There is no question of abandoning them. “The Giulia and Stelvio maintain good commercial positions in Italy in their respective segments”, emphasizes Jean-Philippe Imparato. “And they match the image of the brand. Moreover, it is an absolutely necessary segment for a premium brand”.


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