Alpine relies on hydrogen, against the current of fully electric

Alpine relies on hydrogen, against the current of fully electric

The electrics? Yes, but not for all applications! The French brand Alpine is innovative. So she decided to put hydrogen in the engines of her next ultra sports car. Renault’s specialist label is thus presenting the Alpenglow concept of a racing car ready for the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Paris Motor Show. A French Ferrari. “From 2027 we are thinking of technologies such as hydrogen to power an internal combustion engine,” assures the brand’s general manager, Laurent Rossi, during an interview at the fair. Alpine wants to operate an original prototype within two years, since hydrogen would then only be unleaded as a substitute fuel. It’s not about resorting to the complex technology of the fuel cell! Alpine thus joins the closed club of those who defend this option of hydrogen fuel, also defended by Porsche or Toyota!

The transition to fully electric by 2035, as set out by Brussels, poses “a significant threat to the entire production chain” of the automobile and causes “a dependency on Asia”, laments Laurent Rossi. “We cannot leave our future in the hands of Asian battery manufacturers,” adds the leader. Going full electric is a “bit extreme” decision. And the manufacturers wouldn’t let themselves be dictated which technology should be used, protests the cooking chef. Countries like Italy or Germany “are starting to oppose electromobility,” he adds. The Renault brand has certainly bet on 100% electric in 2030 and it applies “to 50 to 60% of the vehicle fleet”, but not to all, emphasizes Laurent Rossi, visibly recomposed.


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