An electric car must drive 200,000 km to compensate for its carbon deficit

An electric car must drive 200,000 km to compensate for its carbon deficit

“This is the first time that a continent has decided to give up its sovereignty, that an industry has been hara-kiri”, says Luc Chatel. “Within five years, the effects are unimaginable.” It is in these terms that the president of the Automotive Platform (PFA) representing the tricolor auto sector qualified the vote of the European Parliament, on June 8, in favor of the ban on thermal vehicles for sale in 2035. And this, while the European Council should ratify this prohibition at the end of June. During a round table devoted to the “Energy transition, from one dependency to another?” this Wednesday in Paris, Luc Chatel recalled that it would take “hundreds of billions of euros of investment to take this turn”, which can be… fatal to European sovereignty.

This electrification will indeed “multiply the production of batteries by eleven between 2021 and 2030, the needs for cobalt by six, lithium by eleven, nickel by twelve”. Because, to obey Brussels, electric and rechargeable hybrids should “represent 38% of new vehicle sales in Europe in 2025, 70% in 2030 and electric 100% in 2035”. However, “China controls 75% of the battery production chain, 50% of the value of an electric model”.


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