Anti-abortion law: Did Donald Trump play a role in the Supreme Court’s decision?

Anti-abortion law: Did Donald Trump play a role in the Supreme Court’s decision?

Margaux Balloffet
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5:34 p.m., June 25, 2022

The United States Supreme Court on Friday overturned the famous Roe v Wade judgment which protected the right to abortion. Dominique Simonet, writer and specialist in the United States is the guest of the morning of Europe 1 at the microphone of Thierry Darigal. For him, the decision of the Supreme Court is a victory for Donald Trump.

Since Friday, it is forbidden to have an abortion in certain states of the United States, the fault of a decision of the Supreme Court. She chose to revoke the judgment which guaranteed the right to abortion. Each state is now free to prohibit it. The Supreme Court is the highest American court. It is dominated by six Republican judges out of nine, including three appointed by Donald Trump. For Dominique Simonnet, writer and specialist in the United States, this decision is a battle won by the former president.

“The three very conservative judges tip the scales”

“You could say that this is a victory for Donald Trump, because the three very conservative judges he has listed on the Supreme Court are tipping the scales in a very serious way towards fairly strong opinions in the United States,” explains he. “It has been a fight for a long time for lobbies and all the churches and we therefore see a rather worrying gap between institutions and society”, adds Dominique Simonnet.

Soon a law in the United States?

“We go back 50 years, especially since the judges of the Supreme Court are elected for life”, analyzes Dominique Simonet. For him, a law would be essential: “In any case, that’s what Joe Biden suggested. But for that, you need a majority in Congress. There are midterm elections in November and the Democrats are very , very far from being able to succeed in such an operation.”


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