Archives. All these times when Caroline Cayeux spoke out against marriage for all in Oise Hebdo

Archives. All these times when Caroline Cayeux spoke out against marriage for all in Oise Hebdo

In 2013, before the Senate, Caroline Cayeux declared: I think that “therequirement of same-sex marriage, and the adoption of children that goes with it», is not simply a design “that goes against ‘nature’. It’s more serious…Today, his remarks are controversial. And the use of the expressionThese peopleduring his failed defense on TV escalates the situation.

So much so that many are calling for his resignation. And that a hundred public figures have signed a column in the JDD to denounce “homophobic remarksfrom the new Minister Delegate for Local Authorities.

The latter has been apologizing for several days now. And she says today that she regrets her words. She even goes so far as to call her words “stupid and clumsy» in an interview at the Parisian. However, she defended her position against marriage for all at length, before and after her speech before the Senate.

“Marriage is a man and a woman”

In July 2012, involved in the campaign of François Fillon, Caroline Cayeux had first called for the debate. In an op-ed published in Oise Hebdo on July 4, 2012, where she declared her support for the UMP candidate, the senator-mayor explained that the right “must welcome and encourage the agitators of ideas, debate without taboos and appropriate all the issues that concern society as a whole. The issues of same-sex marriage, the decriminalization of cannabis, the right to vote for foreigners, supervised euthanasia or the taxation of capital… must be addressed freely.»

It was only a few months later, in Oise Hebdo on October 24, 2012, that the debate was closed for the city councilor, who took a firm position against the bill. “The PACS has already been a great step forward (…). For me marriage is a man and a woman, and adoption is a man and a woman.“, she said then.

Ready to marry gay couples

Questioned again on this bill at the end of November 2012, Caroline Cayeux maintains her position. Even if she says she is ready to marry homosexual couples. “If the Bill Passes, I Will Uphold the Laws of the Republic and Perform Same-Sex Marriages“, announces the mayor of Beauvais.

In this article, she says that she hears “the expectations of same-sex couples who wish to benefit from the same rights as opposite-sex couples. It is also obvious that I respect and that I fully understand that two men or two women can have feelings for each other.But that’s not enough to change her mind about marriage.

She then develops her vision of marriage and what it should, according to her, represent in our society. To know “officially unite two people, a man and a woman who wish to start a family“. As for adoption, she considers this right already acquired: “the law already allows single people to adopt children. There is therefore an established fact in France: homosexuals can already adopt.His conclusion is invariable:The institution of marriage must therefore be preserved in its present form.»

Still against in 2016

Years later, in November 2016, the subject came back to the table. Caroline Cayeux then tries to rally the activists of La Manif pour tous and Sens commun behind François Fillon for the primary, then the presidential election. During this seduction operation, it is therefore a question of the marriage of homosexual couples.

Activists are calling for the repeal of the law that allows marriage for all. Caroline Cayeux judges that it is not feasible but still wants to change the word “marriage” by “union”. “You can’t unmarry people. François Fillon will come back to this text, to protect the child and change the name from “marriage” to “union”, for people of the same sex, but repealing an entire law is very complicated“, she explained then.

Box: The Rins Wedding Affair

Before Caroline Cayeux entered government, Sébastien Rins’ union was perhaps the mayor’s most spectacular opposition to the marriage of homosexual couples. The affair dates back to 2003. There, a certain Sébastien Rins, who then prided himself on politics, decided to settle with his companion Laurent Paillery. But the couple is not satisfied with a simple signature at the town hall. He organizes a wedding in the form with arrival in Rolls Rolls-Royce, exchange of rings and fiery kiss on the steps of the town hall.

At the time, the subject of the marriage of homosexual couples was still far from French legislation. In Beauvais, the event took a media and political turn. The municipality is embarrassed and does not want to give importance to this news. In a right of reply published on March 26, 2003 Joël Mercier, then Director General of Services, declared: “The Mayor, elected officials and civil servants cannot participate in or endorse a sham ceremony.»

Too late, national television is announced. An announcement is sent to many elected officials, the press is present on the day of the ceremony but prohibited from entering the building.

A complaint lodged

The opposition of the municipality of Caroline Cayeux to this marriage goes further. After the ceremony, Sébastien Rins learns that a complaint has been filed against him for invasion of privacy, violation of domicile. The town hall denies a first time having filed a complaint. But the official document sweeps away this communication. The complaint is logically dismissed and the matter will remain there.


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