Associations call for “prohibiting the administrative confinement of children”

Associations call for “prohibiting the administrative confinement of children”

A collective of human rights defense associations calls on the government and the deputies to ” definitively prohibit the administrative detention of children” in detention centers or in border waiting areas, in a column in Le Monde published on Wednesday.

We call on the government and newly elected MPs to permanently ban the administrative detention of children and to develop solutions in line with the rights of the child”write the first signatories, Fanélie Carrey-Conte, secretary general of Cimade, Adeline Hazan, president of Unicef ​​France and Flor Tercero, president of the association Lawyers for the defense of the rights of foreigners (ADDE).

They remind us thatin 2021, France was condemned by the European Court of Human Rights for having locked up a mother and her four-month-old baby for eleven days in the Mesnil-Amelot detention center and for having inflicted on them inhuman and degrading ».

And state that ” on May 25, 2022, the government asked the Council of Europe to close the follow-up to this case, considering that no general measure was required, thus refusing to modify the law”.

Gold ” Since 2012 and the first of the 9 condemnations of France by the European Court of Human Rights for the confinement of children in detention centers, at least 33,786 children have been placed in detention (including more than 1,460 in metropolitan France and the vast majority in Mayotte), to which must be added the hundreds of children kept at the borders and the dozens of unaccompanied minors placed in detention before a final decision on their minority in violation of the law”they point out.

And to lament: all are locked up for simple administrative reasons, in violation of international law and the principle of the best interests of the child”.

The authors of the forum, joined by numerous associations including the League of Human Rights, the Mrap, Doctors of the World, Amnesty France, recall the effects on the health of children: ” withdrawal, refusal to eat, insomnia, stress and symptoms of post-traumatic stress”.

France is responsible for these evils and their long-term consequences.they say, judging “ no longer acceptable to continue to subject children to these unbearable detention conditions”.

Definitively prohibiting the administrative detention of children is also a ” recommendation clearly stated by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child”recalls the collective.


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