Aston Martin DBX 707: an SUV for 007

Aston Martin DBX 707: an SUV for 007

Admittedly, Aston Martin had to make a colossal investment of its magnitude to bring the DBX to market. This new SUV required building a brand new factory in Saint Athan, Wales. But the efforts seem to have paid off. Admittedly, James Bond’s favorite brand is still making losses, but it “only” lost £76.5m in 2021, compared to £323m in 2020. It is indeed the brand’s SUV that seems to beautify the situation: With 2,186 units sold last year, it is the bestseller in the range and enabled an 82% jump in sales.

Now that the DBX has begun rescuing Aston Martin, it’s time to establish its image. Despite its sculptural lines, which make a Porsche Cayenne seem banal, a Bentley Bentayga massive and a Lamborghini Urus vulgar, the British SUV failed to top the category. Even in spite of its delicately scented leather interior. Questionable: Its original AMG V8 was content with a power output of 550 hp, certainly generous but a little short to outperform the most testy rivals.

The most powerful luxury SUV in the world

The version newly added to the range, the Aston Martin DBX 707, presents itself as “the most powerful prestige SUV in the world”. As the name suggests, it develops a Power of 707 hpwho can style Porsche and Lamborghini. But the precision “Prestige” in the name of the model is not in vain: in fact, it is doubled by two Americans. On the one hand the Dodge Durango Hellcat, whose V8 announces 720 hp and on the other hand the Tesla Model X Plaid, which peaks at 1,020 hp thanks to Stromfee.


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