Asylum and immigration: Macron announces draft law for early 2023

Asylum and immigration: Macron announces draft law for early 2023

A draft law on asylum and immigration will be presented “from early 2023,” Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday, with the aim of putting an end to “absurd policies” that he saw as “ineffective and inhumane.”

“From the beginning of 2023, a draft law on asylum, i.e. immigration into the republic, will be presented,” the head of state announced to the prefect and outlined some lines of action.

“We have a policy that is both inefficient and inhumane, inefficient because we find ourselves in an irregular situation with more foreigners than many of our neighbors, inhumane because this pressure causes them to be poorly received too often,” asked he as observation .

Among France‘s attractiveness factors, “we have a system of financial, social and medical assistance much more generous than any of our neighbors,” he noted.

On the reception side, the head of state considered it necessary “to integrate much more quickly and much better those who even have a provisional title by language and work,” the head of state noted.

However, “our current policy is absurd” because it “consists of bringing arriving women and men who are in greatest misery” to the poorest neighborhoods.

The head of state pleaded for a better distribution of foreigners welcome on the territory, especially in “rural areas that are declining in population” and where “we will have to close classes, probably schools and colleges”.

In these regions “the conditions for their reception will be much better than if we put them in already densely populated areas with a concentration of massive economic and social problems”, he pleaded, also referring to a policy “faster learning French, investment into vocational training”.

– “Change the Rules” –

Migrants wait to be taken by bus to a reception center in Calais, Pas-de-Calais, on August 16, 2017 (AFP – PHILIPPE HUGUEN)

At the same time, Emmanuel Macron promised to improve “the effectiveness of the deportation policy” at the border for foreigners in an illegal situation.

In particular, he mentioned the need to make the issuance of visas more dependent on “the spirit of cooperation in the readmission of aliens in an irregular situation, starting with those who disturb public order”.

During his recent trip to Algeria, Emmanuel Macron paved the way, together with his counterpart Abdelmajid Tebboune, for a visa relaxation for that country in exchange for increased Algiers cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration.

Finally, on Thursday before the prefects, he focused on “two territories that will be the subject of very particular attention”, Guyana and Mayotte, where “it will undoubtedly be necessary (…) to change the rules with a lot of force because the The geographic and demographic reality of these areas is fundamentally different from the rest of the soil of the republic”.

In Mayotte, where land rights were already tightened in 2018, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced during a trip to the island at the end of August that he wanted to further tighten access to French citizenship.

Mr Darmanin has also spoken out on immigration several times in the heart of summer, defending his intention to legislate to facilitate the expulsion of foreigners convicted of criminal offenses and adopting a form of “double punishment”.

He then hoped to have his immigration bill scrutinized in Parliament at the start of the school year, before Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne imposed a “big debate” on the issue in the autumn, postponing consideration by several months of the bill, which some observers have described as a “reframing” of the Minister of the Interior had been designated.



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