At the latest with the SUV, Ferrari wants to silence the competition

At the latest with the SUV, Ferrari wants to silence the competition

The traditionalists will have to get used to the idea. From now on, Ferrari’s offer doesn’t stop at berlinettas, coupés and cabriolets. An SUV has hit the market and fears are running high that this sort of bulky body will choke out the sports car line. Isn’t that all that happens at Lamborghini? 2021, a record year in terms of sales, ended with the inauguration of the Urus SUV, which alone accounted for 5,021 of Lamborghini’s 8,045 sales.

The Purosangue crossover should be more successful than the FF station wagon

Another dull fear grips the hearts of purists. Should the Ferrari Purosangue achieve a success comparable to that of the Urus, this would lead to a sales explosion that would be a priori incompatible with the rule of self-restraint of production aimed at preserving the rarity and value of Ferraris. That’s why the new boss, Benedetto Vigna, has promised that Purosangue’s share of the annual Ferrari sales of 15,000 will never exceed 20%. Something to calm speculators.

Reading the press release announcing the birth of this controversial model gives the impression that the manufacturer itself is looking for reassurance. “Ferrari Purosangue: different. Very simple.” The formula looks like autosuggestion, as if Ferrari management needs to convince themselves that they made the right choice by giving in to the SUV trend and market pressure. The future will show.


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