At the World Cup, the Renault 4 will be converted to electric

At the World Cup, the Renault 4 will be converted to electric

The highly anticipated spiritual successor to the famous Renault 4, produced from 1961 to 1993, will be unveiled on October 17th at the Paris Motor Show. What better way to bring this great classic of French production back to life than one of the last surviving shows in Europe?

A little over a month after the fateful date, we don’t know much about this new Renault. The secret has been perfectly guarded since that day in June 2021 when an enthusiastic Luca de Meo was content to provide the press with the name of the project: “Renault 4Ever”, the Renault 4 forever.

Renault 4 and Renault 5 electric will have very different sizes and vocations

An official photo was then broadcast to show a “light signature” unmistakably reminiscent of the expressive face and two round eyes of the R4 of yore (produced from 1961 to 1993). Another distinctive feature revised by the designers is the instantly recognizable silhouette of the 4-litre minivan with its cut-out roof. And the boss of Renault confirms that the 4Ever project would indeed be available in two forms, one for the family and the other for the utility. Conceived like a small high-legged station wagon (urban SUV genre), the Renault 4Ever can receive an attached cell to make it the ally of the craftsman. An alternative to the Kangoo.


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