Aurore Bergé (LREM): “The RN is considerably helped by the attitude of LFI”

Aurore Bergé (LREM): “The RN is considerably helped by the attitude of LFI”

It occupies a very unique place in Macronist architecture. President of the “Renaissance” group at the National Assembly, Aurore Bergé, 35, is in charge of voting on government bills at the National Assembly. A task made complicated by the absence of an absolute majority in the Palais-Bourbon. However, the boss of the LREM deputies welcomes the adoption in extraordinary session of the Purchasing Power bill and the draft amending finances and claims a method: negotiation “text by text”, “deputy by deputy”. The pugnacious Yvelines deputy also drops her blows against insubordinate France, whose “extremely dangerous game” in the chamber favors, according to her, the strategy of notabilizing Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.

Challenges – What is your assessment of these first weeks at the National Assembly? President of a majority group without an absolute majority isn’t that the “job of death”?

Aurore Bergé – This unprecedented configuration had the immediate effect of creating a lot of solidarity and cohesion within the majority group. All the members of the group feel invested with a more important mission, because everyone’s presence in the chamber matters more than ever. There is a form of individual and collective responsibility. And there is the need to manage to work differently, both in our report to the executive but also with the other parliamentary groups to find compromises in the Assembly. What we remember from this summer is that we managed to get the texts adopted and find majorities of circumstances with conclusive joint committees (CMP) between the Assembly and the Senate. At the beginning of the summer, few bet on it. Many predicted our failure, our inability to pass the bills, to expand the majority or to agree with the Senate.

There was still the rejection on the health pass at the borders… Are you worried that these symbolic defeats will accumulate?

De facto, these defeats did not accumulate. And we managed to reach a health text with the Senate that guarantees border protection. At the end, the text corresponds to the intention that was ours, while having allowed dialogue and real in-depth parliamentary work. What is certain, and we know it, is that if there is an alliance of all oppositions, mathematically we are beaten. Still, it is necessary that the oppositions agree with each other and share the same objectives. I don’t believe that’s the case. I do not believe that we have the same electorates, the same values, the same political projects from the LR to the Nupes, which itself is divided within it.


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