Back to Parliament: Retailleau bemoans the “directionlessness” of the executive

Back to Parliament: Retailleau bemoans the “directionlessness” of the executive

“What most characterizes this return to school is the disorientation” of the executive, Senator leader LR Bruno Retailleau said in an interview with AFP on Tuesday at the opening of the parliamentary session.

“There is no course and everything is again presented as a communication exercise,” he believes, with a view to the energy issue or the asylum and immigration law announced for early 2023. “The speech is still very firm, but the measures are weak.” , according to Mr Retailleau.

LR’s presidential candidate denounces a proposed budget that “is undoubtedly one of the worst budgets in 6 years”. “There’s no idea of ​​cutting public spending, we’re going into the wall, we’re going to cross the 3 trillion debt threshold, we’re going to have a deficit of more than 5%,” he predicts. . .

For Mr. Retaillleau, “it is a lightened budget: the state’s public expenditure will increase by practically 22 billion euros”. “The party’s over – that moment when we got more in debt and it cost less – and Emmanuel Macron didn’t notice,” he says.

France doesn’t need a policy reduced to public spending, it needs structural reforms,” ​​he says.

On the pension reform, Bruno Retailleau specifies that the amendment to the social security budget proposed by the right-wing majority in the Senate “will be written in such a way that the government will be forced to consult with the social partners and take decisions”.

Asked about the bill “to accelerate the production of renewable energies” (EnR), the second text that will be presented to the senators before the deputies, Mr Retailleau believes that it “perfectly illustrates the fact that Emmanuel Macron is a visual pilot “.

He emphasizes that the Senate majority wanted “that we establish a real strategy, that is, that we have a course in terms of production, in terms of sobriety”, and not just the organization of “a debate without a vote”, planned for the evening of October 12th at the Palais du Luxembourg.

The senator from Vendée also believes that Emmanuel Macron “can no longer hide” when it comes to energy sovereignty. “Communication can no longer be a mask that hides its flaws. The French will foot the bills for their bad decisions this winter,” he continues.

He goes on to warn that with renewable energy, “things aren’t going to happen the way the government thinks they could happen.” “With offshore wind power, it is not a matter of erecting walls of wind turbines that are visible from our shores,” he warns in particular.


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