Baltic states agree on regional measures to restrict entry of Russia

Baltic states agree on regional measures to restrict entry of Russia

Lithuania, Latvia etc l’Estonia has agreed to a restriction l’Entry of Russian citizens from Russia and Belarus, their foreign ministers said on Wednesday (7 September).

The three Baltic Member States it’sexpect that l’ban d’entrance is available from here mid-September upon receipt l’formal endorsement by national governments explained Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

«In recent weeks and months, border crossings by Russian citizens with Schengen visas have increased dramatically. It is gradually becoming a public safety issue, but also a moral and political issue.»he told reporters after the meeting in Kaunas.

The countries will also deport all Russian citizens d’a visa that try d’go in l’the Schengen area l’UE.

Exceptions apply to Russian citizens crossing the border for humanitarian and family reasons, truck drivers and diplomats.

The announcement comes a day after the European Commission backed a move to impose new hurdles on Russian travelers applying for visas d’entered l’EU, which could come into force as early as next week following a political agreement between the bloc’s foreign ministers last week.

Direct flights between Russia and l’UE were then canceled l’invasion of l’Ukraine from Russia in February, little left d’Options for the Russians to move around the block.

This device would be the first of its kind in l’UE.

L’Estonia has since introduced a more flexible ban 18 Aug, not allowed l’Entry for Russian holders only d’a Schengen visa issued by the Estonian authorities.

Finland, which also borders Russia, does not join l’ban because of d’Legal uncertainty as to whether it can refuse Russian nationals with issued Schengen visas d’other European nations, Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said during the briefing.

«Can you actually undo it? l’Set of Schengen principles? C’is, for the momentstill vague»he explained.

“We also await the Commission [européenne] […] make a proposal at European level because, unfortunately, Finland and Helsinki Airport have become one of the transit routes for people who then fly to Greece, Spain or Italy.”added Mr. Haavisto.


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