Bayrou ‘ready’ to run in 2027: ‘It could well happen’

Bayrou ‘ready’ to run in 2027: ‘It could well happen’

Five years after the 2027 presidential election, the majority of presidents are already thinking about the person who could succeed Emmanuel Macron. If on the Horizons side the name Edouard Philippe is so obvious, this Sunday, October 9th, François Bayrou positions himself on the MoDem side and closes – not at all – the door , to a possible candidacy… before he qualified his comments above Twitter.

“I was always ready,” however, he had argued on Radio J, recalling that he had “already been a candidate three times” in 2002, 2007 and 2012 before forging an alliance with Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022. “I am a full citizen. And have I ever renounced exercising that citizenship? No,” he added. “I believe that France is doing badly and I believe that it could do very well. That’s why I will do everything I can to meet all the deadlines and all the necessary functions,” stressed François Bayrou. Could the current High Commissioner for Planning therefore succeed Emmanuel Macron, who will not be able to run for a third term when he turns 76 in 2027?

A statement “completely out of place and ridiculous”

“It could very well happen, but that’s not the question,” he replied. “What I see coming is such, because of its gravity, that it should mobilize all available forces, all available intelligences and all available wills. This is the side I am on,” he said. “I’m for this mobilization, for this moral build-up, which France needs most,” pounded François Bayrou. Later Sunday, François Bayrou tweeted “totally inappropriate and ridiculous to claim that he would be interested in the 2027 elections,” stressing the uncertainty of the future amid multiple crises.

Concerned about the geopolitical, economic and social context, the mayor of Pau also questioned the holding of the elections in 2027. “We don’t know anything about it. We don’t know what can happen,” he said. referring to “the incredible difficulty of time”. “If you think that any Zozo can predict what’s going to happen 5 years in advance, then make no mistake, they’re all charlatans,” he claimed. Nevertheless, François Bayrou is making his little music heard in a context in which the presidential majority needs the MoDem more than ever: a few days ago he had already dared to publicly oppose the compulsory adoption of reform retirements.

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