Beauvais. A cane corso dog seriously bites a woman after killing her chihuahua

Beauvais. A cane corso dog seriously bites a woman after killing her chihuahua

A cane corso dog attacked a woman on Friday August 12 in Beauvais, seriously injuring her, after killing her chihuahua. Credit: Agutti – Pixabay.

The owner of the chihuahua, aged 44, was attacked in the Ruelle aux Loups in Beauvais, this Friday August 12 at 1:45 p.m. Just prior to his Chihuahua’s fatal attack and bite wounds, the victim was walking his dog down the alley. The 12-year-old cane corso guard dog had fled from his owner’s home on rue Binet. While trying to defend her chihuahua, the woman was seriously injured in the arm and leg by bites. She was then hospitalized in a clinic in Isle-Adam in stride, then operated. She is still hospitalized this Saturday, and in a state “quite serious“, reports Sandra Plomion, deputy mayor of Beauvais in charge of security and prevention.

A possible euthanasia

The dog was then impounded and its owner heard by the national police services as part of an investigation which is currently underway. The dangerousness of his animal must be assessed before a possible euthanasia, decided or not by the municipal services. “He must be seen three times by the vetIt isrinairedetails Sandra Plomion. A first time within 24 hours, a second time on the seventh day and a third on the fourteenth day. The DDPP can decide on euthanasia before the third visit.” The victim should file a complaint for intentional violence.

Note that the police had already intervened at the owner’s home a few months earlier, reports the newspaper The Parisian, at the request of a little girl frightened by the behavior of the canine. “Normally the town hall must be informed if there is a risk of bites on certain dogs in the city, warns Sandra Plomion. However, I have not received any previous declarations at the town hall for this dog.»

Trained neither biting nor attacking

«I sympathize for this lady, it’s sad and I don’t denounce anythingbegins Patricia Hiberty, deputy mayor and delegate for animal welfare. But we tend to always blame animals. According to the shelter, this dog is not at all trained to bite or attack.»

According to the shelter in question, where the 12-year-old cane corso was transported, the latter even seems a little thinner and suffers from osteoarthritis. The center will carry out three days of evaluation on the canine to better know its reactions. “He does not have an aggressive behavior and he is rather friendly with the nursing staffcontinues the chosen one. This is an accident that unfortunately happens regularly. I wouldn’t want us to always blame the animals: they’re the ones who clink glasses every time. It’s also a bit the fault of the masters. You have to be tolerant and have empathy.»

As a reminder, the cane corso breed dog is not categorized, and is therefore not subject to specific security, administrative and medical constraints. It is neither part of category 1, which includes attack dogs, nor of category 2, which includes so-called “dangerous” guard and defense dogs.


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