Beauvais. A woman jumps from the third floor to escape the fury of Issouf Diakité

Beauvais. A woman jumps from the third floor to escape the fury of Issouf Diakité

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The defendant, Issouf Diakité, 21, arrived in France in 2016. He was immediately taken into care by child welfare services, which placed him in a home until he reached majority. When his schooling ended and he turned to mechanics, then finding a volunteer “job” as a mechanic with a mechanic with all his salary, lodging, board and a little pocket money. His asylum application initiated two years ago has still not been successful, he does not benefit from any aid and hides his meager savings in the bottom of his bag. It is at home that he meets his future victim.

Between 150 and 200 euros disappear

“I get on well with it, he said to the president, but there was no sexual relationship with her”, contrary to what the young woman claims in her statement to the police. On July 26, Issouf Diakité was with the man who had been hosting him for four days, in his apartment on the third floor of a building on rue du Maine, in Beauvais, when he received a phone call from his girlfriend. home who tells him not to be well, to have “need for comfort”. As his host is sleeping in the room, he invites her to come, which she does. While they are discussing, the man, who is seized with a pressing need, goes to the toilets and realizes on his return that his satchel, in which he places all his fortune, has been searched and that 150 euros on the 200 it contains have disappeared. In the apartment, there are only three: him, his landlord who sleeps in the next room and the woman he immediately suspects. Especially since she has already stolen 20 euros from him that she still owes him.

She denies being the author of the theft, she screams, she screams her innocence and, as a token of her good faith, she hands him a 20 euro note that she kept in her sock. Diakité then imagines that the thief is his lodger. The man is awake and has to get naked to prove he didn’t steal anything.

Emotions, it digs, it is well known, Issouf Diakité therefore goes to the kitchen where a leftover pizza is lying around with his disposable plastic fork. He grabs it and, fork in one hand, butter knife in the other, he comes back. He slaps the woman, while her landlord gets dressed, then threatens her with his arms. As she screams again, he walks back to the kitchen and then comes back.

The landlord, trembling, told her that she had just jumped out of the third floor window. After taking a quick look out the window, Issouf Diakité runs down the stairs and arrives when the young woman, visibly unscathed, takes refuge in the truck of a man she has just arrested. Diakité tries to get her down by the leg, while the driver of the vehicle holds her back. Although alerted by his victim of the imminent arrival of the police, Issouf Diakité does not calm down. The driver threatens him with an iron bar, which brings him back to his senses.

Negations followed by a return to reality

At the hearing, Diakité first tries to deny despite the overwhelming testimonies of the victim and the driver. Faced with his contradictions and pushed to his last limits, he ends up admitting to having slapped and threatened his victim.

The public prosecutor is requesting a six-month prison sentence against him as well as the revocation of a suspended sentence for violence, pronounced on October 14, 2020. She says that she has taken into account the four convictions which appear on the record of the defendant.

Defense lawyer Marie Dufoyer does not understand why the victim chose to jump out of the window, when she could escape through the door, while the defendant was in the toilet or in the kitchen. She is surprised that there was no confrontation between the victim and the alleged perpetrator. The victim is absent in court and has not constituted a civil party.

The court finally decides: Issouf Diakité receives six months in prison, and his reprieve is revoked in full. He will have to stay 12 months in prison, unless the sentence enforcement judge agrees to adjust this sentence to placement under an electronic bracelet.



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