Beauvais. After the appointment of Caroline Cayeux to the government, what future for the municipality?

Beauvais. After the appointment of Caroline Cayeux to the government, what future for the municipality?

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It is with great emotion, pride and gratitude that I welcome my appointment as Minister Delegate for Local Authorities. This appointment honors me and obliges me», Comments Caroline Cayeux first. After more than 20 years in Beauvaisis, the mayor then exposes her link with the territory before her departure for Paris. “It is above all to you, Beauvaisiens, that I owe it, fruit of the bond that unites us. A strong bond, woven during these 21 years spent by your side as mayor, a bond forged in proximity and in the field. Beauvais and Beauvaisis, territories that are dear to me, will be given special attention in the projects carried out by local elected officials, in the interest of each inhabitant.»

No new mayor?

But to know the future of the municipality of Beauvais, it will still be necessary to wait. Because his speech maintains the vagueness. “Dear Beauvaisiens, I obviously remain by your side, listening to you, as since the first day of this term as mayor who honors me. I remain as determined as ever to serve you. Representing Beauvais and Beauvaisis at the national level is a source of pride for me, as mayor, but also personally.», Comments the new Minister Delegate. Contacted, his cabinet either does not give any indication for the rest.

The law on the non-accumulation of mandates does not apply in this situation. Since a position in a ministry constitutes a function. Ministers are not elected, but appointed. In theory, Caroline Cayeux could therefore keep her tricolor scarf. But, in 2017, the Élysée had asked ministers to leave their local executive mandates. What Édouard Philippe (mayor of Le Havre and president of the urban community), and Gérard Collomb (same, but in the metropolis of Lyon) had hastened to do.

A long-awaited community council

Will Caroline Cayeux have to give up her local mandates to exercise her function in government? It’s possible. But it’s time for protocol and the president’s instructions are not communicated.

In any case, the Beauvaisian left is counting on it. Roxane Lundy, who represented the alliance of left parties during the last municipal elections and Nupes during the legislative elections, communicated to congratulate Caroline Cayeux on her appointment. But it also warns about the future of Beauvais. “We deserve a full-time mayor in our city“, she warns. In this, the community council scheduled for Thursday, July 21 is eagerly awaited. In 2017, mayors appointed ministers had one month to resign.

The union of the majority threatened?

However, even if Caroline Cayeux resigns from her local commitments, there will be no new election. Unless there is a massive resignation, only those elected by the council will be called upon to choose a new mayor. The arrival at the top of the Nupes in the city during the presidential and legislative elections should therefore not be seen on the municipal council. At least for now.

All eyes are therefore on the municipal majority. A politically heterogeneous majority that Franck Pia, the 1st deputy, will have to keep united if he wishes to take over from his mentor.

But the task looks daunting. Indeed, during the legislative elections, several deputies and councilors of the majority dissented with the voice of the mayor. A difference of opinion on national politics which “not related towith the local political project, we were told then. In addition, other elected members of the majority could be interested in the position. Starting with Charles Locquet who “don’t close the doorin the place of first magistrate.

But the possible departure of the city councilor could reshuffle the cards. And the union, so often advocated, of the municipal majority suddenly seems very fragile after these campaigns led against each other.


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