Beauvais. Christopher Magniez, a transgender woman, bites a prison guard on the blood

Beauvais. Christopher Magniez, a transgender woman, bites a prison guard on the blood

Christopher Magniez appeared before the Beauvais court on Monday June 27 for acts committed within the penitentiary center of the same city. Photo archives – Oise Hebdo.

Christopher Magniez, is a 27-year-old man, at least for the civil status because, for many years he undertook to change sex and prefers to be called madam. In ordinary life, this type of situation is difficult so, in Lille prison where she has been the victim of the humiliations of a supervisor since her imprisonment in July 2018, life becomes unbearable for her.

“His only defense”

She makes two suicide attempts by setting fire to her cell. She survived, but the cell was totally destroyed and she was transferred to Beauvais prison to finish serving her sentence. First placed in the newcomers’ quarter, after 26 days, she must leave it to join the men’s quarter, because, for the civil status, he is a man. And in addition, she will have to do it without her feminine clothes and her fake breasts. She refuses and is taken there by force by the supervisors, who have a terrible time controlling her. The handcuffs hurt her, she complains without result to a supervisor. She then uses what she calls “her only defense for him to let her go“. Through the pants, she bites him to the blood. Her colleagues will have to join forces to make her let go, under broadsides of outrages like:

I’m going to screw you, bunch of whores…»

Christopher Magniez.

The supervisor will have a day of total incapacity for work. As for the defendant, she is hospitalized automatically at the Clermont hospital.

When she returns, she learns that she will be able to wear her breast prosthesis and her women’s clothes, but still not in the women’s quarters, as she would like, but in isolation, where she will be alone, without the slightest contact, for his safety. At mealtime, she takes her revenge on the supervisor who gives her her tray, not by throwing it at her, as the prevention suggests, but by tilting it towards her. The woman receives everything at her feet and is burned in the second degree. The one that accompanies it has not been reached. He goes back to his cell and receives the tray of mashed potatoes that the supervisor sent him in retaliation. For this gesture, he was sent back to the disciplinary section where, using his correspondence kit, he covered the walls with graffiti offensive to the director of the prison whom he called “dirty whore and transphobic“. Because as long as his gender change is not established, which will not be long, he remains a man for the civil status.

She is the father of two children

Between 2012 and 2018, after being placed at the age of three because of the violence of her parents, she was convicted 10 times, including eight times for violence. In her previous life, she is the father of two children aged six and eight whom she has not seen for more than two years. Two experts examined her, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Both agree that she suffers from not feeling accepted and recognized as a woman. His impulsive temperament does the rest. She does not suffer from any disorder.

The state legal agent presents the bill for the repair of the two cells that she has degraded. It amounts to 7,328.19 euros which he asks the defendant to reimburse. Master Emmanuelle Grevot does the same for the damages suffered by the prison guards and the director of the prison, after having specified: “She believes herself to be a victim of the prison administration and of society, which does not recognize her. There are rules in prison that you have to follow. For now, it’s a man: the director has no other choice! She demands her feminine effects, it’s impossible, especially since the Beauvais prison was unaware of the transformation in progress. The director has chosen solitary confinement for her protection and she does not want it: she is going to war against the prison administration. She is responsible for the decisions she makes.“.

Same analysis from the prosecutor:

It is a particular context that the texts do not provide for. The men go to the men’s quarters!»

She is asking for a prison sentence with continued detention.

Marie Dufoyer, defense lawyer, points out that her client does not dispute the facts, but the context which explains things, without excusing them. “This is a difficult profile to manage, but he must be given a chance to defend his case with the sentence enforcement judge by not ordering his continued detention..”

The defendant was found guilty of the facts and responsible for their consequences. She is sentenced to 12 months in prison with continued detention as the prosecutor requested. It will have to compensate all the victims, which represents nearly 4,000 euros as well as the 7,326.19 euros requested by the legal agent of the treasury for the damage to the cells. She has ten days to appeal this judgment.



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