Beauvais. Invaded by cockroaches, the inhabitants of the rue du Poitou, exhausted and angry

Beauvais. Invaded by cockroaches, the inhabitants of the rue du Poitou, exhausted and angry

The inhabitants of 4 rue du Poitou in Beauvais are rebuffing. They can’t get enough of the proliferation of cockroaches in their building. – Photo: Nicolas Aubouin / Oise Weekly.

Cockroaches invading the stairwell. That are swarming. Who penetrate everywhere … Residents who struggle until late at night to try to push them away from their homes … This scene has been taking place for several weeks at 4 rue du Poitou, in Beauvais.

The co-owners of this building in the Argentina district first called on their trustee, Dubois du Portal. The latter brought in a specialized company to deal with the problem. In vain. The insects came back very quickly and even more numerous … The condominium trustee was asked again. But the case seems to be moving forward with ant steps. So, overwhelmed, the inhabitants take out the big means. With a petition and a threat to place the charges in escrow with a bailiff, they want their situation to be known in order to regain the health of their premises as soon as possible. «I tried everything I had at home, laments a resident. […] Now I sleep with the lights open, because it’s impossible to sleep when they’re closed.»

Their action makes a little noise in the neighborhood. People are talking to each other, and now we realize that the whole Poitou street is complaining about harmful animals in the common areas. Following the stairwell, the testimonies range from the cockroach to the mouse, passing of course by the cockroach. «I thought the problem was just local. It was after we realized that it was general“, says Youssef, at the origin of the mobilization.

All of them also complain about the trustee, Dubois du Portal. According to them, the company is taking too long to respond to their problems. And the high cost of charges, every month, only worsens the situation.

For his part, the trustee defends himself. They say they have had a professional intervene since the beginning of July. If this one was not able to eradicate the cockroaches of number 4, it is because the source of the proliferation would not be in the common areas, but in an apartment.

An unsanitary apartment in the building?

This private space, inaccessible for the trustee, was also inaccessible for his service provider against pests. At the time he intervened, the latter stated that the level of unsanitary housing had not allowed him to act.

The owners, on the other hand, question the quality of the products used by the disinsection company. But they also join, in part, the version of their trustee. It is apartment n ° 16 that is pointed out in the neighborhood. An apartment that previously housed residents of the Coallia association. In a note left to the co-owners of 4, rue du Poitou, Dubois du Portal assures that it is the agency Coallia / Tandem, which manages the apartment, which took three weeks to clear the housing. This is, according to the trustee, the reason for the delay before the “shock treatment”, in this apartment.

The inhabitants also confirm that the association has taken a long time to make things happen. «Coallia told us they couldn’t do anything, just a workshop for hygiene“, laments one of them. Contacted, the Beauvais branch of the social landlord has not yet answered us.

A third visit by the disinsection company was scheduled for Friday, August 5 to treat housing that had not been able to be previously.


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