Beauvais prison: Hasni Bouchikhi assaults a guard wanting revenge on another inmate

Beauvais prison: Hasni Bouchikhi assaults a guard wanting revenge on another inmate

At Beauvais prison, Hasni Bouchikhi assaulted a guard by punching him several times in order to take revenge on another inmate. Illustrative photo Oise Hebdo.

The facts occurred at Beauvais prison on June 27, 2022. When they returned from the walk, the prisoners stood in front of their cell door and waited for a guard to open the door for them. Hasni Bouchikhi, 20, wants to settle his account with the inmate of a neighboring cell, who regularly cuts his yoyos. It is about a man who never goes out for a walk because he fears reprisals. In 2007, while he was detained in Maubeuge prison, he denounced drug trafficking. Hasni Bouchikhi bends to the rules, he waits in front of the door, but not his own, he put himself in front of his enemy’s. The supervisor opens without being suspicious.

Six days of ITT

Hasni enters the cell and throws himself on its occupant. The supervisor realizes his mistake. He intervenes between the prisoners and receives several punches. The other supervisors intervene and manage to get the aggressor out. The assaulted supervisor is bleeding profusely from the scalp. He was taken to the hospital where the medical examiner granted him six days of total incapacity for work.

However, Hasni Bouchikhi has no reason to blame him. The defendant denies having intended to strike the supervisor. The man who tried to hold him back,don’t think the beatings were meant for him. He pushed me awayhe says. He even thinks he injured his head by tripping and falling on the corner of a piece of furniture, “but he was in front of me, he saw who he was kicking.”

No traces of blows

Guillaume Douilly, the defense lawyer, is surprised that “pushed back, he injured his face.” He is also surprisedthe absence of traces of blows on his body“. The supervisor explains that he wore a vest which dampened everything.

Hasni Bouchikhi was preparing a professional management administration baccalaureate which he did not pass for lack of interest. He was interested in plumbing, but was unable to begin his apprenticeship due to detention. Since his incarceration, he no longer uses cannabis. He thinks that this withdrawal is at the origin of his excess of anger. The respondent has been serving a nine-month prison sentence since May 11 for aggravated theft in a meeting.

The representative of the prosecution reveals that the workshops as well as her request to become an auxiliary were refused due to lack of respect. In her requisitions, she remarks that “it doesn’t matter whether the supervisor is or is not the target of the blows“. She is asking for a 10 month prison sentence with a committal order.

The victim’s statements questioned

Guillaume Douilly relies on a judgment of the Court of Cassation, 20 years old, which stipulates that a conviction cannot be based on the sole declarations of the civil party, without corroborating evidence. “My client remains on his declarations from the beginning“, he pleads. He also questions the statements of the victim who in the end would never have gone to Maubeuge prison. “Its contradictions characterize nothing at all, concludes the lawyerwe can’t base a judgment on that.“. He asks for the release of his client. He finally received a six-month prison sentence, with a committal order. The supervisor will be compensated up to 1,200 euros for all causes of damage combined.



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