Beauvais. Where did Pilou go? Karim has been looking for his parrot for 15 days in the neighborhood.

Beauvais. Where did Pilou go? Karim has been looking for his parrot for 15 days in the neighborhood.

It’s been 15 days since Pilou, a four-year-old female blue-fronted Amazon parrot, disappeared. On July 26, in a movement of fear, she flew out of the window of Karim Bannour’s apartment, located on Avenue Jean Moulin, in the ZUP of Argentina.

Pilou, a female parrot, has been missing for 15 days from her home located in the Argentine ZUP in Beauvais. Credit: Karim Bannour.

“I was there, chatting with her from the kitchen, relates Karim. There was a thud outside, she panicked. She flew out the window, then landed on the top of a tree near the building.“That evening, he then decided to wait until the next morning to try to recover her in this nearly 30-meter-high shelter. Out of luck, a neighbor loudly opens her shutter in the early morning, and Pilou moves even further away, disappearing from the sight of her owner.

A reward at the key

«She is very sociable and polite, details its owner. She speaks, sings the Marseillaise and says her first name… It’s the blood of the family, it’s like my little girl». Pilou is usually free to move around the apartment, perching here and there. He asks anyone who manages to approach him to offer him water and food (grapes, apples, salad …).

Heard a few days ago near Joséphine Baker Park, a few hundred meters from her home, it was in a square near the retirement home on rue du Mont Capron that she was last seen and heard on Monday, August 8th.

«A great solidarity has been put in place“, would like to emphasize Karim, who between his working hours spends his time putting up posters in the neighborhood and inspecting the sky. The bird is ringed and its owner has a certificate for its detention. He wishes to find Pilou quickly and offers a reward to whoever would bring her back to him.

Karim Bannour can be reached at 06 60 21 81 81.


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