Beauvais. With only 3 euros in profits per gram, these “poor heroin sellers” go to prison

Beauvais. With only 3 euros in profits per gram, these “poor heroin sellers” go to prison

José Alves Cotinho and Julien Mairesse, both consumers, were also involved in heroin trafficking in Beauvais. Illustration photo – Oise Weekly Archives.

José Alves Cotinho, 55, married, father of two grown children, started taking drugs around the age of 40. His wife, desperate about his condition, wanted him to treat himself. But he preferred to leave home, abandoning his wife and children, to take refuge with Julien Mairesse, 37, a work colleague who also dabbles in hard drugs. The two men share the accommodation of the place de Voisinlieu.

Consumption: three grams per day

If Julien Mairesse continues to work on a permanent contract in a factory, José Alves Cotinho is on sick leave. The two men quickly realized that they had to find money to finance their daily heroin consumption, which goes up to three grams a day for José Alves Cotinho. They are supplied in the Saint-Jean and Argentinean districts. «Beauvais is drowning in drugs“, says José Alves Cotinho to the prosecutor who interrogates him.

An anonymous tip-off will put an end to their business. The police are monitoring Julien Mairesse’s apartment and arrest a man who tells them that he has responded to an advertisement offering a free distribution of narcotic samples. Later, they see a woman arrive, who, leaving her two children in the car, goes shopping. In all, the police will make four arrests. After which, they will in turn report to the apartment where they will find 32 bags of heroin and 33 of cocaine hidden in the cellar, as well as 160 euros in cash.

“They take for the biggest”

Both men admit to engaging in drug trafficking. They estimate their revenues at 500 euros per day. They buy the drug at 17 euros per gram and sell it for 20 euros. A profit of three euros per gram that could earn them 10 years in prison. What the president calls “poor heroin dealers. Those who supply and who, by keeping silent, prevent the supply chains from going up and who take for the big ones».

José Alves Cotinho and Julien Mairesse were found guilty. José Alves Cotinho, whose record includes seven mentions, is sentenced to 24 months in prison, including 16 months in prison. Julien Mairesse, whose record contains only two mentions, is sentenced to 18 months, including 10 months in prison. With continued detention for the firm part of the sentences. They won’t have to meet again. They will have to undergo toxicological care and pay the sums due to the public treasury, under penalty of revocation of their probation, eight months for each of them.



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