Behericourt. After stealing tents and chairs, they come back to steal the lighting from the water treatment plant.

Behericourt. After stealing tents and chairs, they come back to steal the lighting from the water treatment plant.

Flights before the inauguration: the depollution station visibly attracts envy.
The inauguration of the village’s decarbonation unit gave the Syndicat des eaux de l’Est noyonnais (SEEN) a hard time. On the eve of the inauguration, on June 7, individuals had stolen the two barns and the chairs intended to welcome the guests. But the damage does not stop there. In the aftermath of the event this time, it is the lighting of the site which has just been stolen.

“They came back to steal the lighting system this time”, annoys Jacques Soufflet. The mayor of Pontoise-lès-Noyon and the president of SEEN had already deplored the theft of tents and chairs, intended to welcome guests. “We had to put up another tent for the inauguration. Just for that, our damage amounts to 12,000 euros., plaguing the president of the union. The damage to the second flight has not yet been established.

However, the site is particularly difficult to access at night, due to work on the departmental road 1032. The Department is having the asphalt resurfaced over several kilometers. A construction site for which the D1032 was cut off from traffic at night. There is nothing stopping them visiblyregrets Jacques Soufflet.

To avoid this kind of misdeeds suffered by the various union sites, video surveillance has been deployed. But in Béhéricourt, the cameras were not connected at the time of the facts. “Parts were missing that our suppliers did not have to complete the installations. But we wonder if, even with the cameras, it will stop them.
And the mayor of Pontoise-lès-Noyon to be ironic “We had already been vaccinated with the theft of all the insulation during the works. We had been forced to place a security company on the site during the end-of-year celebrations. And there, we have the reminder with the tents, the chairs, the lighting…”

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