Behind its premium formula, Telegram is looking for its economic model

Behind its premium formula, Telegram is looking for its economic model

The rumor had been circulating for months and is now confirmed. Telegram plans to launch a version premium, in June 2022, according to founder Pavel Durov, on June 10. Behind this choice hides the platform’s ambition to become profitable. Stop taking risks.

Marianne Lumeau, economist at the University of Angers explains: “Until then, the main model of Telegram, which was not initially created to make a profit, was sponsorship. The platform was based on the use of the funds of Pavel Durov, the co-founder. But there is now a need for more means, the number of users increasing for two years”, boosted by the leak of certain users of Whatsapp and Twitter. Between the first quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the number of downloads of the application increased by 61%, and the stage of one billion downloads was reached at the end of summer 2021. A sufficient plateau to start a monetization. “Servers now cost several hundred millions of euros to Telegram. The question for the company is to find them”, explains Thomas Houy, lecturer in management at Telecom Paris. Once successfully seeded, Telegram must find sources of income.


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