Behind the Scenes of Buzz Lightyear with a Pixar Host

Behind the Scenes of Buzz Lightyear with a Pixar Host,w_635,h_357/v1/ici-info/transit/16×9/buzz-eclair-lightyear-22792.png” />

After collaborating with toy story 4 and Soul (Drunk), which won the Oscar for best animated film in 2020 and 2021 respectively, she devoted a year and a half of her career to polishing the scenes of the last great film from the Californian studio.

The artist says she came into the job with a list of films to watch, commissioned by director Angus MacLane – a finished fan sci-fi and action movies, she says – to get a sense of the intended aesthetic for the film.

On the menu : Terminator 2, AlienStar Wars and Jean-Pierre Melville movie classics, to name a few.

I think a lot of people will feel the references to those films. […] The cinematography in Lightyear is super important. »

A quote from Émilie Goulet, 3D animator for Pixar

“Buzz Lightyear” is inspired by the Toy Story universe, but imagines a completely different story than the one we know for its protagonist.

Photo: Other image banks / Walt Disney Studios

Creative talk

If artistic coherence is important in a mega-production like that of Buzz Lightningthis does not mean that the animators have their hands tied, according to Émilie Goulet.

The 3D animator explains that she presents her ideas in the form of sketches to the director in order to see with this person whether they can fit into the project. It becomes a conversationshe illustrates.

If the idea works with “the big story”, then we go all out, and it can even influence scenes that will come later, or an element of the character that will reappear later in the film.

That’s the magic of the creative process: it’s always in motion as you continue to animate. »

A quote from Émilie Goulet, 3D animator for Pixar

The first film in the Toy Story series was released in 1995.

Photo: Other image banks / Walt Disney Studios

Growing up with Toy Story

The Toy Story universe will always have an important place in Émilie Goulet’s heart.

She remembers that she was still in high school when the first film in the series was released in 1995. This work set the tone for future animated films and encouraged her to continue her studies in this domain.

I was just old enough for it to impact what I wanted to do in the future.explains the 3D animator.

Now that she is part of the Pixar family, Émilie Goulet admits that she has a dream that she maintains in parallel with her work: to create her own animated film.

This text was written froman interview conducted by René Homier-Royshow host club culture. Comments may have been edited for clarity and conciseness.″>Source

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