Berlin and Madrid maintain their gas pipeline project through the Pyrenees

Berlin and Madrid maintain their gas pipeline project through the Pyrenees

(Reuters) – Germany and Spain are moving forward with plans to build a new gas pipeline across the Pyrenees, which France opposes, according to a draft joint action plan seen by Reuters.

“We will both continue to push for increased interconnection capacity from the Iberian Peninsula to increase its contribution to security of supply across the EU,” the document reads.

“The construction of a hydrogen gas pipeline large enough to cross the Pyrenees and operational by 2025 is paramount to achieving a truly resilient single energy market within the EU, accelerating the green transition and the EU’s strategic autonomy to strengthen.”

The MidCat (Midi-Catalonia) project, launched in 2013 to connect a town north of Barcelona with Barbaira in Aude, was suspended in 2019 as it was deemed too expensive and polluting, but Madrid and Berlin are pushing for a restart amid energy tensions related to the conflict in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez meet for a Spanish-German summit on Wednesday in the northwestern city of La Coruña.

(Reporting by Kirsti Knolle, French version by Diana Mandiá, edited by Kate Entringer)


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