Better than recycled plastic, plastic from used tires

Better than recycled plastic, plastic from used tires

Not content with being among the most advanced electric cars in terms of energy saving and autonomy, the Mercedes-Benz EQE will soon be the first car in the world to use a plastic material derived from end-of-life tires. . 100% German innovation, from collection to the finished product, including the chemical process.

The tire recovery and recycling specialist Pyrum Innovations AG has teamed up with its compatriot, the chemist BASF SE to supply less polluting plastic materials to Mercedes-Benz AG. Pyrum produces gas, carbon black and pyrolysis oil from 10,000 tonnes of tires processed each year in its ovens in Dillingen. This pyrolysis oil is used by BASF in combination with biomethane from the fermentation of agricultural waste to produce a renewable plastic material, whose properties are deemed “identical to those of petroleum-based plastic”.

In addition to recycling, the auto industry is adopting plastics that emit less CO2 during their production


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