Booba on a crusade against the dark side of influencers

Booba on a crusade against the dark side of influencers

Shouldn’t upset him, Booba.

This French rap heavyweight is known for both his career as an artist and his talent as a businessman. In fifteen years he launched his brands of clothing, perfume or whiskey.

But he’s also known for his penchant for clashes and his multiple physical altercations, the most famous of which was the fight with rapper Kaaris that began in August 2018 in the middle of Orly Airport, which had required the evacuation of passengers and the closing of an airport terminal several hours. At 45, Booba has found a new target: influencers, whom he has declared all-out combat by denouncing their dubious business practices to their subscribers on social networks.

At the start of this digital battle is a message posted last December by former reality TV star-turned-influencer specializing in cryptocurrency brokerage Marc Blata – a story about a fake watch that the rapper allegedly wore during a shoot. Hurt at his pride, Booba responds by attacking his detractor’s sulphurous business and, more generally, attacking the economic model of influencers who target one of their standard-bearers, Magali Berdah, founder of agency Shauna.Events connecting brands and influencers , takes his commission along the way. Since then, threats, insults, lawsuits and the initiation of investigations have followed.

Various twists and turns that make social networks happy, but do not raise the level of the debates.


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