Borne II: finally a government to get to work!

Borne II: finally a government to get to work!

Stock! The main merit of this new Borne government is… to exist and to be able to get to work. Finally! Because it has now been weeks, even months that the ministries were freewheeling, when they were still rolling. With the approach of the presidential election, all activity had almost stopped and in the cabinets we were playing “Ki se recazoù”. A crippling game that only ceased after the formation of “Borne I”. Pending the results of the legislative elections, then the replacement of the beaten ministers and the repair of oversights, it was almost total tetany.

It wasn’t a government, it was Dali’s soft watches whose mechanism no one wound up. With dramatic consequences in certain sectors. For example transport, where the public authorities have left airports and trains settling in the middle of the holiday departure, an unbearable mess for thousands of French people who aspired to see the end of the pandemic tunnel. It is therefore high time that in this sector, as in health, economy or social, the public authorities finally move and keep the promise made by the President: a government of action. At least there is a government, which is still better for governing a country. We ended up despairing…

No light or glitter personality

Admittedly, there is nothing breathtaking or breathtaking about this team. No personality of light or glitter. The coalition fizzled out. Goodbye enlargement for now. It would be rather solid, experienced, balanced also compared to Macronie. Starting with the assertion of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister. A founding act of his authority was needed; she showed it by obtaining the departure of Damien Abad. The Head of State did not want it, in the name of the presumption of innocence. But the opening of an investigation and the repeated accusations of rape and sexual assault made its maintenance impossible, except to deny the proclaimed respect for the credibility supposedly given to the voice of women. The head of government wanted to get rid of “this burden”. She was heard and for those, many, who in the majority wondered if the President would let her govern, it was a sign.

No doubt it will take other demonstrations of existence on his part to impose himself and first of all his inaugural speech which gives more political density to the initiatives envisaged. But it now has a more coherent and solid government team. The center itself of Macronie is more consistent. There are thus maintained personalities such as Gabriel Attal in Public Accounts, but others who are promoted such as Marlène Schiappa in the Social and Solidarity Economy, Clément Beaune in Transport, Roland Lescure in Industry and Hervé Berville in the Sea.

Right of the hyperpowerful macronism

The right of macronism remains what it was, hyperpowerful, with the confirmations of Sebastien Lecornu at Defense and Bruno Le Maire at Bercy, covered with secretaries of state, and delegate ministers, such as the former spokesperson Olivia Grégoire promoted to SMEs, crafts and Tourism. We will obviously note the “widening” of the ministerial perimeter of Gérald Darmanin from the Interior to the Overseas Territories. One might be surprised given the recent “fiasco” of the Stade de France which cost the candidates of the majority dearly. We also know, as François Baroin, one of the former occupants of this ultra-marine load, said that it is a “mini-Matignon” with a colossal workload. One of the explanations could be that this politician is responsible for pursuing what his predecessor and friend Sebastien Lecornu had mentioned: “the empowerment of the West Indies”. At the time, Gérald Darmanin denounced “the small colonialist side of the opposition” which “refused to talk about autonomy because the West Indians would not be able to organize themselves”. If he managed to move forward in this direction, and while overseas voters have swung into radical hostility to central power, the Minister of the Interior would finally reveal himself, which his friends have been despairing of lately.

The left of the macronie is not totally absent, if we consider in particular the promotion of Clément Beaune to Transport that we have mentioned. The former Minister for European Affairs will need all his skill, which is in principle very great, to put an end to the conflicts which have begun to rot at the SNCF and at the airports. But it is necessary to note the change of function of Olivier Véran who slips from the Assembly to the spokesperson where one counts on his debit “kalashnikov” to reply to the attacks. But there are also two significant arrivals, first at European Affairs precisely that of Laurence Boone precisely the economist who worked for François Hollande and that of Olivier Klein, mayor of Clichy Sous-Bois passed by the PC then the PS, and who has a thorough knowledge of housing issues, concretely and theoretically since his report – “The future is played out in poor neighborhoods” – was one of the strongest, but unfortunately neglected up to now.

Strengthen two pillars to establish macronism

To ensure the foundation of macronism, it was also necessary to strengthen two pillars. First the Modem, which was very offended at having been neglected during the first distribution of moroccos since there were only two of them; they now have four! Marc Fesneau retains Agriculture but Sarah El Hairy finds Youth, Geneviève Darrieussecq is in charge of disabled people and the secretary general of the centrist party, Jean Noël Barrot takes down Digital (Minister Delegate). Well, François Bayrou does not have Matignon, okay, but he is better represented. Edouard Philippe also. Admittedly, there is nothing to set off with fireworks, but Agnès Firmin le Bodo, close to the former Prime Minister, is delegate for Health, and Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers and secretary general of Horizons, accesses the Ecological Transition and the title of full minister, when he was only minister delegated to local authorities. A challenge for this “traditional ecologist” who refuses degrowth and punitive ecology and advocates a “non-dogmatic green alternative”. There is no doubt that the certified ecologists will make life difficult for him…

An emergency doctor as Minister of Health

But for Macronie to be Macronie, you needed a good dose of civil society. Symbolically it is an emergency doctor who will assume this role: François Braun, president of the Samu-Urgences de France union. This head practitioner at the Metz-Thionville hospital had just completed a “flash mission” on emergencies with 41 recommendations that impressed. There is also a humanist, Jean-Christophe Combe, who came from the Red Cross (director) but who rubbed shoulders with right-wing and center politicians in various cabinet activities. In any case, there are no non-politicians, and those who are said to be pure politicians also have extensive experience in the field, such as the former LR Frank Riester, now in charge of Relations with Parliament after having been Minister for Culture then Foreign Trade. But the host of Agir was also mayor of Coulommiers for a long time. Its role will be crucial since the power will largely switch to the side of Parliament. Once known -at last!- the main priorities for reform, he will have to show great diplomatic talents, not to say immense talents…

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But there is one piece missing in this apparently coherent device: the President. What will be its course, its ambitions? The place he wants to leave in history. There is, it is said, a curse of the second mandates of which François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac were victims before him. It is up to him too, to him first of all to ward it off. Ahead…


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