Boulogne-la-Grasse. 1,600 euros fine for the manager of an illegal sheep slaughterhouse

Boulogne-la-Grasse. 1,600 euros fine for the manager of an illegal sheep slaughterhouse

On July 20, 2021, this street in Boulogne-la-Grasse (Oise) was invaded by cars. The motorists had come to collect their sheep slaughtered on Eid el-Kebir, in an undeclared slaughterhouse fitted out on a farm. – Photo: Oise Hebdo archives

Someone who does not know how to cut the throat does not kill the sheep. Safe hands only slaughter sheep. I know it was illegal, but I did it for the pleasure of Muslims.” posing as a “simple intermediary between breeders and buyers“, Mary-Lyne Allaoui, a 61-year-old retired farmer, admitted before the Compiègne court on Friday, June 17, the facts with which she was charged: having made her farm available for the ritual slaughter of several hundred sheep given the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Kebir.

On July 20, a neighbor of Mrs. Allaoui warned the police because of an abnormal influx of several dozen cars, creating a gigantic traffic jam in the small street that leads to Mrs. Allaoui’s farm, which had been established for several decades on the common. These are “customers” who have come to collect their sheep. It is a little after noon when the boss of the illegal slaughterhouse welcomes the soldiers – most of the customers then take the opportunity to kill themselves.

On-site, sheep were suspended during evisceration

On the spot, the gendarmes – accompanied by agents of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations – seized 183 sheep still alive. But they also note the presence of about twenty carcasses of sheep suspended, being eviscerated, and others placed on the ground. But the investigators do not discover any means of stunning the animals, which leads them to believe that the animals were still conscious with their throats cut. In addition, several pits are being filled, one for the blood of the sheep, and another for the organs and the skin of the sheep.

A veritable open-air mass grave“, asserts in his requisitions the prosecutor Antoine Perrin. Furthermore, he mentions a sustainable activity that has never been declared», «a small business that will mix hundreds of animals“. It demands several fines against the farmer.

The prosecution must prove that my client has enriched herself“, indignant Me Anthony Alexandre, the farmer’s lawyer, described his client as” a simple woman who lives from what she produces, a person in whom the religious feeling is strong.»

Found guilty of the charges against her, Mary-Lyne Allaoui was fined several times for an amount of 1,600 euros.


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