Bresles. July 14 fireworks end in fire

Bresles. July 14 fireworks end in fire

The traditional fireworks fired in the town of Bresles on Thursday evening July 14 caused a fire on the meadow next to the football stadium. Credit: DR. – Facebook Oise Info.

A fire broke out on the evening of Thursday July 14 while the municipality of Bresles was firing its traditional fireworks display for the national holiday. The hedges and the meadow near the football stadium which served as a launching pad were set on fire. However, no injuries were reported.

Limit the risks

The fireworks had settled, as usual, on the third football field in the town to limit the risks. Emergency services quickly intervened to put out the blaze. “This is not a remarkable significant event, nor a significant deployment of means“, further informs the SDIS of Oise.


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