Bresles / Nogent-sur-Oise. Without a license, he is controlled at 145 km / h and ends up in prison for six months

Bresles / Nogent-sur-Oise. Without a license, he is controlled at 145 km / h and ends up in prison for six months

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Bryan Dabor, 26, has obtained his auto mechanic CAP and has just found a permanent job in a garage in Beauvais. He lives in Nogent-sur-Oise, with his mother who is very ill and whom he takes care of. Bryan Dabor just got the code and is about to take his driver’s license. At his employer’s, he spotted a Renault Scénic car which is not roadworthy, but which would do well for him, after a few repairs within his reach. With the agreement of his employer, he brings the vehicle back to Nogent where he can easily repair it outside his working hours.

On June 30, the Scénic is ready. Bryan has not yet obtained the driver’s license, but he brings the vehicle back by the road from Nogent to Beauvais. At the end of the afternoon, he receives a call for help from his mother, who is not feeling very well.

Already seven mentions in the criminal record

Bryan Dabor is therefore back on the road. But, at Bresles, he comes across a speed control set up by the Clermont motorcycle brigade. Recorded speed: 153 km/h, retained speed: 145 km/h. He has just committed two traffic offenses which will cost him his freedom.

The Prosecutor bounces back on this last sentence, pronounced last March and which does not yet appear on her criminal record: “10 months in prison were converted to house arrest under an electronic bracelet and the judge, as he did not respect his obligations, was preparing to revoke this arrangement. As he is afraid of going to prison, he told the motorcyclists that he had just obtained his license and that he did not have it with him. He was indeed obliged to say that he did not have it when the gendarmes asked him to come back to present it. It’s a thumbs up for justice. In addition, he is under judicial control in a criminal case and he is in recidivism of recidivism“. She is asking for a 12 month prison sentence.

A case “difficult to defend”

Maître Varin, defense lawyer, observes that the judge of freedoms to whom the prosecutor had asked for the remand in custody of the defendant, “trusted him by letting him go free and here he is! It is a difficult case to defend, but for the moment the sentence enforcement judge of Senlis has not made his decision. We’ll see. He is only being prosecuted for speeding, there was no accident. Why not sentence him to a probationary sentence with the obligation to pass the license»?

The deliberation is very long. The time needed for the police to arrive at the courthouse. They came to pick up Bryan Dabor to take him to Beauvais prison where he must serve the six months in prison, with a warrant, which he has just received. A sentence supplemented by a fine of 100 euros for speeding.


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